Unifying Equation

A spiritual movement to unify

About UE

The origin of UE began several years ago with a collaborative effort and a shared vision, where different spritual beings agreed that God is the truth, the way, and the light.


Unifying Equation is an initiative to inspire all who believe there is one God; the All-Encompassing God. God is the Higher Power, the Divine Source within each of us who instills our moral compass and creates us in perfection. We are connected as one human race through our spirit sharing the same wants and needs – to be loved, to feel connected, to be free, to be happy and joyful, to be prosperous, to be healthy, to be accepted for who we are and to find our purpose. If you are connected to your spirit and to God, you can find a common ground with anyone walking this Earth.


The Symbol is a representation of God being the ultimate Unifier for all of us who believe. Religion is different than spirituality but both can be practiced and shared. The intention is to vibrate higher with an inclusiveness and to accept humans from any religion, background or culture if the message is of love and goodness. The circle represents unity and the almighty greatness that is God. The equal lines represent equality for balance and truth.


Sharing a message one spirit at a time, that no matter your political views, religious views, sexual orientation, status or ethnicity – we all deserve mutual respect, value, expression and authenticity. We can rise above evil tendencies with collective consciousness and awareness with action and participation for the greater good of our human race and planet.